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Iu Mien

Alternative Language Names: Guoshan Yao, Ban Yao, Highland Yao, Iu Mienh, Man, Mian, Mien, Mienh, Mjen, Myen, Pan Yao, Yao, Yao Mienh, Yiu Mien, Youmian, Ewmien, Chiangrai, Cham, Dao Do, Dao Lan Tien, Dao Lo Gang, Deo Tien, Quan Chet, Quan Trang, Dao Thanh Phan, Dìu, Kim Mien, Red Dao, Yao Kimmien, Yao Ogang, Yu Mien
Country: ChinaLaosThailandVietnam
Language Code: ium

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ReadRead : (YouVersion) - ฉบับอักษรโรมันใหม่ (IUMINR)
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