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Hmong Daw

Alternative Language Names: Bai Miao, Banded Arm Hmong, Forest Miao, Hmong Dao, Hmong Dleu, Hmong Qua Mpa, Hmong Rongd, Hmongb Dleub, Hmoob Dawb, Meo Do, Meo Kao, Mong Do, Mong Trang, Pe Miao, Peh Miao, Striped Arm Hmong, Striped Hmong, White Hmong, White Lum, White Meo, White Miao, Hmong Gu Mba, Hmong Qua Mba, Hmong Der, Petchabun Miao, Miao Lai, Chuan Miao, Hmong Xi, Mán Tráng

Country: ChinaLaosThailandVietnam
Language Code: mww    (Index: 959)

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Read : (YouVersion) - Vajtswv Txojlus - lus Hmoob Dawb - txhais tshiab xyoo 2004 (HMOWSV)
Read : (YouVersion) - Meo: White (Hmong Daw) Bible (HWB)
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