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Alternative Language Names: Black Lahu, Kaixien, Kucong, Kutsong, Ladhof, Lahu Na, Lahuna, Laku, Moso, Muhso, Muhsur, Mussar, Musser Dam, Musso, Mussur, Na, Namen, Northern Lahu, White Lahu, Lahu Phu, Museu, Launa, Nyi, Shehleh, Lahu Nyi, Lahu Shehleh, Lahunyi, Loheirn, Musseh Daeng, Red Lahu, Southern Lahu, Mussuh, Khucong, Lahu Phung, Mooso

Country: ChinaLaosMyanmarThailandVietnam
Language Code: lhu    (Index: 886)

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