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Alternative Language Names: Kuay Mla, Kuay Ndroe, Kuay Ndua, Kuay Oe, Kuy Ak, Kuy May, Kuy Anthua, Kuy Antra, Kuy Ma'ay, Kuy Mlor, Kuay, Kui, Antra, Na Nhyang, Aouei, Cuoi, Douon, Dui, Khamen-Boran, Kouy, Kuoy, Old Khmer, Soai, Soay, Soei, Souai, Souei, Suai, Suay, Suei, Sui, Suoi, Xuay, Xuoi, Chang, Nheu, Suai Chang, Kui Souei

Country: CambodiaLaosThailand
Language Code: kdt    (Index: 2104)

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