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Hmong Njua

Alternative Language Names: 青苗语, Blue Hmong, Blue Meo, Ching Miao, Green Hmong, Green Meo, Hmong Leng, Hmong Nzhua, Hmoob Leeg, Lu Miao, Meo Dam, Meo Lai, Mong Leng, Mong Ntsua, Qing Miao, Tak Miao, Hmongb Nzhuab, Mong Njua, Moob Leeg, Lu Man Zi, Miao Tsi

Country: ChinaLaosMyanmarThailandVietnam
Language Code: hnj    (Index: 670)

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Read : (YouVersion) - Vaajtswv Txujlug - lug Moob Ntsuab - txhais tshab xyoo 2004 (HMOBSV)
Read : (YouVersion) - Vietnam (HBB)
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