The Bible in Krumen, Tepo

Alternative Language Names: Kroumen, Kru, Krumen, Southern Krumen, Southwestern Kroumen
Language Code: ted

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Jesus krou tepo #01 > chapitres 1-3
Jesus krou tepo #02 > ch. 4-6
Jesus krou tepo #03 > extraits ch. 7-8
Jesus krou tepo #04 > extraits ch. 8-12
Jesus krou tepo #05 > extraits ch. 9-18
Jesus krou tepo #06 > extraits ch. 10, 18, 19
Jesus krou tepo #07 > ch. 19,28-21,4
Jesus krou tepo #08 > ch. 22
Jesus krou tepo #09 > ch. 23
Jesus krou tepo #10 > ch. 24
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