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Alternative Language Names: Bute Bamnyo, Kumbere, Nduvum, Ngoro, Nudoo, Nugane, Nujum, Vute Mbanjo, Vute de Banyo, Vute de Doume, Vute de Linte, Vute de Mbandjok, Vute de Ngorro, Vute de Sangbe, Vute de Tibati, Vute de Yangba, 'Abotee, 'Abwetee, Baboute, Bamboute, Boute, Bubure, Bule, Bute, Foute, Luvure, Nbule, Pute, Voute, Voutere, Woute, Wute, nyindi vɨtèé, Babute, Buti, Fute, Mbute, Mbutere, Mfuti, Vutere, Wetere

Country: CameroonNigeria
Language Code: vut    (Index: 1308)

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