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Alternative Language Names: Hollands, Nederlands, Nederlands, Antwerps, Brabants, Oost-Vlaams, Flemish, Vlaams, Noord Hollands, Westfries
Language Code: nld

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ReadRead : (YouVersion) Herziene Statenvertaling (HSV)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - BasisBijbel (BB)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Statenvertaling (SV1750)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - NBG-vertaling 1951 (NBG51)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Het Boek (HTB)
ReadAudio recordings : Global Recordings Network
View View Inspirational Films: The Story of Jesus for Children
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BooksRead JM-Nederlands_kleurplaten.pdf: Bible coloring book
BooksRead JEZUS MESSIAS: Bible comic book (2017)
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