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Alternative Language Names: Eastern Japanese, Western Japanese, Zu-zu-ben

Country: JapanPalauTaiwan
Language Code: jpn

Read and ListenRead and Listen on - 新共同訳聖書 (Japanese New Interconfessional Translation)
Read and ListenRead and Listen on - 口語訳聖書 (Colloquial Japanese (1955))
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ReadRead : (YouVersion) - (Colloquial Japanese (1955) (JA1955))
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - リビングバイブル (JCB)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Seisho Shinkyoudoyaku 聖書 新共同訳
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - 聖書 口語訳 (Colloquial Japanese (1955))
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - ALIVEバイブル: 新約聖書 (AB)
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