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Alternative Language Names: Patagonian Welsh, Cymraeg, Galés, Northern Welsh, Southern Welsh
Language Code: cym

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ReadRead : (YouVersion) Testament Newydd aꞌr Salmau Salesbury 1567 (SBY
ReadRead : (YouVersion) Beibl William Morgan yn cynnwys yr Apocryffa -
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Salmau Cân 1621 (SC)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Salmau Cân Newydd 2008 (Gwynn ap Gwilym) (SCN)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Testament Newydd Salesbury - Argraffiad 1850 (SBY1850)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Beibl Cymraeg Newydd Diwygiedig yn cynnwys yr Apocryffa 2004 (BCNDA)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Beibl William Morgan - Argraffiad 1955 (BWM)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - 2015 (BNET)
ReadRead : (YouVersion) - Beibl Cymraeg Newydd Diwygiedig 2004 (BCND)
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