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Alternative Language Names: Dioula, Diula, Djula, Dyoula, Dyula, Jula Kong, Kong Jula, Tagboussikan, Dioula Véhiculaire, Julakan, Trade Jula

Language Code: dyu    (Index: 728)

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Read, Listen, and View on ALA KA KUMA (1996)
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- Gospel of Luke Gospel Film - Gospel of Luke
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Link : Google Play Store Appli: la Bible en jula/dioula avec français
View The JESUS Film — Jula
Read : (YouVersion) - Jula NT of Côte d’Ivoire (DYU)
Read : (YouVersion) - ALA KA KUMA (AKKDC08)
Read : (YouVersion) - Jula New Testament
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